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10L High Quality Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

  • XZ-10L 20L 50L

Product Description

The working principle of rotary evaporator is use the glass bottles packed materials to optional and uniform heating, under the condition of connection with negative pressure, the system makes the material boiling point decreased, the liquid film formation and evaporation, and then recovery menstruum by the glass coil condenser and a collecting bottle, especially suitable for concentration, crystallization, separation for heat sensitive material, and recovery menstruum etc.


※This machine adopts advanced frequency conversion technology and electronic speed regulation, which can ensure the stable operation of motor. So this machine has high evaporation rate, high recovery.

※Bath can reduce the damage degree in the lifting process. During the evaporation of low boiling point, collecting bottle can be immersed in bath, which can reduce the secondary evaporation.
※The collecting bottle connected by mouth ball milling, easy loading and unloading, and it has high sealing.
※High temperature durable seal, dynamic seal system has corrosion resistance and long service life, good air tightness under high temperature.
※Using Japanese technology - AC induction motor, stepless speed regulation, no brush, no spark, can work long time effectively.
※Rotary evaporator chassis, bath, main rod, shaft are made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance and corrosion resistance.
※Intelligent temperature control, water and oil bath, more widely used. The temperature fluctuation is relatively small, only±0.2℃, evaporation is more stable, not easy to wash away the material.
※The series of modular design, strong expansibility, easy installation, convenient maintenance.


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