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10l double glass reactor with PLC automatic control system

  • XC-10L

Product Description

Glass vacuum reactor is with double glass design, the inner layer placed reaction solvent can do the mixing reaction, the inter layer can be added with the different hot and cold sources (frozen liquid, hot water or hot oil) to do loop heating or cooling reaction. Under the conditions of constant temperature setting, the mixing reaction can be carried on inside the sealed glass reactor according to requirements under the conditions of atmospheric pressure or negative pressure, and the reflux and distillation of the reaction solution can also be done, it is the ideal pilot and production equipment of modern fine chemical plant, biological pharmacy and synthesis of new materials.

The double glass reactor of the company is the essence of the domestic similar products, with recommendations and experiences of all use customers, it has already been formed 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L ,50L,100L and 150Lseries, the product design follows the efficient, practical and economic principles, all are for the users.


Main Features

1. Using mechanical seal, it can maintain high vacuum degree.
2. Use efficient condenser to ensure high recovery rate.
3. The complete set of glass use G3.3 high borosilicate glass with good chemical and physical properties.
4. The glass inter layer interface is added with hot oil, through the loop, it can do reaction under the condition of high temperature; the glass inter layer interface added with cooling fluid can carry on reaction under the condition of low-temperature.
5. It can be added with tap water to quickly take away reaction heat.
6. Discharged material has flanged opening and PTFE valve, without dead angle inside the container, it can be demounted to facilitate the discharge of solid materials.
7. Digital mixing motor, electron speed regulator control, matched with a torque increasing of reducer.
8. Reasonable structure and selected materials. The mechanical components use stainless steel and aluminum-alloy pieces, the glass pieces use high borosilicate glass with high temperature resistance and good chemical properties. Electrical components parts: the main components use original imported devices.


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