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2L 3L High Precise Sealing Double Layer Reactor

  • XC-2l XC-3L XC-5L
Product Description  

The glass reactor can be designed to be double glass reactor or triple jacket reactor. The reaction menstruum can be put into the inner layer to do stirring, interlayer can be connected with cold and heat source (frozen liquid, hot water or hot oil) to do circulating heating or cooling reaction. Under the setting of constant temperature, in sealed glass reactor, , stirring reaction can be carried out at atmospheric pressure or negative pressure conditions according to the operating, and also can carry out reflux and distillation of the reaction solution. This machine is an ideal production equipment for the modern fine chemical, pharmaceutical and biological synthesis of new materials

Product Advantages & Features

  1. SUS 304 movable framework , 4-6 cover of the reaction kettle , reflux , adding liquid , temperature measurement,etc.

  2. Use G3.3 high borosilicate glass , with good and stable chemical & physical properties .

  3. Alloy steel mechanical seal , PTFE soft connector , to keep working in a high precision system .

  4. PTFE sensor probe has high measurement accuracy , less error and is hard to be broken , PTFE coated without pollution , the anti-corrosion effect is excellent .

  5. Solid feeding neck , 304 stainless steel and PTFE made press cover .

  6. Reactor cover , with multi-necked reactor cover is made of G3.3 borosilicate glass , numbers of necks and sizes can be custom made .

  7. Discharge valve , PTFE bottom discharge valve with movable joint , without dead angle and materials can be discharged quickly and thoroughly .

  8. Stirring paddle , different types of stirring paddles( anchor , paddle , frame , impeller , etc) can be selected , main rod is made of 304 stainless steel with PTFE coated outside , which can be used for stirring and mixing different viscosity liquid .

  9. Efficient coil condenser is made of G3.3 borosilicate glass , 0.3-3 square meters is optional .

  10. Motor and control box . Explosion proof or nomal motor and control box can be optional .

  11. Vacuum gauge , stainless cover is anti-corrosion and looks nice , fully sealed and filled with oil to protect the components will be rusted and shocked .

  12. Pipelines , adopt flange spherical connection and PTFE flexible connection , can be easily mounted , which effectively protect the safety of equipment .


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