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50L Double layer glass reactor

  • XC-50L
Product Description
The glass reactor can be designed to be double glass reactor or tripe jacket reactor. The reaction menstruum can be put into the inner layer to do stirring, inter layer can be connected with cold and heat source (frozen liquid, hot water or hot oil) to do circulating heating or cooling reaction. Under the setting of constant temperature, in sealed glass reactor, , stirring reaction can be carried out at atmospheric pressure or negative pressure conditions according to the operating, and also can carry out reflux and distillation of the reaction solution. This machine is an ideal production equipment for the modern fine chemical, pharmaceutical and biological synthesis of new materials  

Main Features

 The whole stainless steel column, mobile framework, 4~6 cover of the reaction kettle, with full set of glass for reflux, adding liquid, temperature measurement, and so on.

 Use G3.3 high borosilicate glass, with good chemical and physical properties.

 Alloy steel mechanical seal, PTFE connector, to maintain a high precision seal in the working condition.

 With PT100 sensor probe, high precision temperature measurement, small errors, high efficiency.

 AC reducer motor, strong torsion, no noise.

 PTFE stirring paddle, suitable for low or high viscosity liquid stirring and mixing.

 PTFE discharge valve, movable interface, discharging completely and quickly.

 Our company can design special kettle body structure according to customer requirements (such as: PH meter, sand core filter etc.)

All the reaction kettle can be made of explosion-proof device according to the customer request.(The explosion-proof device refers to the explosion-proof motor + Explosion-proof control box + Explosion-proof temperature field display instrument); Specification for explosion-proof kettle is: FBXC-□□L

Technical Data
Product model
Jacket volume
lid diameter
Neck No. on the lid
Φ50 mixing port
34# feeding port
40# constant-pressure funnel port
Φ80 Solid feed inlet
24# temperature measurement port
40# Evaporative reflux port

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