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Cooling Circulators

  • LDJ-6F
Product Description
* Circulating refrigerant: Synthetic heat transfer oil, industrial alcohol or water-glycol mixture for circulating refrigeration, saving resources; strict circulation pipeline design to prevent circulating water pollution and prolong the use of circulating water;
* Multiple security protections for more reliable operation;
* Original imported compressor, stacked supercooled refrigeration technology;
* Using subcooling technology to ensure the stability of temperature at low temperatures;
* The temperature difference between turning on the compressor and turning off the compressor can be set;
* Ambient temperature monitoring function to prevent the system operating environment temperature from being too high;
* Multiple fault alarms (over temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheat alarm, liquid level alarm);
* It adopts full-closed design, no water absorption during low-temperature operation, ensuring the purity of cold and heat-conducting medium, preventing ice crystals and prolonging the service life of refrigerant;
* High-performance circulating pump that guarantees continuous operation for 24 hours a day;
* High efficiency plate type cold heat exchanger for heat exchange efficiency;  


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