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Heating Refrigeration Temperature Control system

  • HRB-100VT

Product Description

This machine is applied to the glass reaction kettle, metal reactor and bioreactor for heating ,cooling and constant temperature control, especially suitable for control the heating, exothermic process in reaction .The machine can rapid heating or cooling according to the requirements for temperature of the reaction system, whether the chemical reaction is exothermic or endothermic, the machine can accurately control temperature.

Temperature range(℃):
Pump flow:
Heating power(KW):

Cooling capacity(KW)


◎The design of full closed pipeline, adopt high efficiency plate heat exchanger, reducing the demand for heat conduction fluid while providing the system's heat utilization rate, to achieve temperature rapid rise and fall
◎The use of feedforward adaptive programmable controller, can accurately control the temperature of the reactor material, and the system in the control process, no overshoot, no callback
◎Can store up to write a 120 set of programs, and each program can be written in 100 paragraph, fully guaranteed to meet the temperature requirement in the case of different materials. The user only need to according to the different materials call out procedures, then could achieve accurate temperature control, avoid the process of manual operation, improving the stability of product.
◎5.3 inch color touching screen display and input; control system provide: USB interface, RS232 interface, PT100 input interface, fault alarm output interface
◎Temperature process control charts can be displayed in high resolution color touch screen, including oil temperature, set the target value, the reactor material control temperature value, easy to query the whole process control. Using the USB data storage interface, as long as directly insert USB flash disk, the whole process of temperature control, data could record.
◎Fully closed design of heat conducting oil circulation pipeline, no oil mist and water absorption, to ensure the safety of the experiment and the life of the conductive fluid;
◎Refrigeration unit using France TECUMSEH compressor, high temperature magnetic drive circulation pump, stable performance, reliable quality;
◎It has the function of self-diagnosis; Refrigerator overload protection; high pressure switch, overload relay and thermal protection device etc. multiple security functions
◎High lift design to meet long distance transmission medium
◎Using a variety of environmentally friendly refrigerants to meet environmental requirements.  


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