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Hot sell -25~200 degree heating cooling circulator Thermostatic Cooling Heating Circulator

  • HR-35
Product Description

Only need to connect the equipment with the liquid inlet and outlet of reactor device, from the top of the equipment liquid inlet add in the heat transfer medium, turn on add liquid button can easily remove the air in the system, set the temperature requirements, the system can run automatically. The heat transfer medium in a closed system, with expansion container, the liquid in the expansion container not participate in the circulation, either high or low temperature, expansion tank temperature is from room temperature to 50 ℃, can reduce the risk of heat absorption of moisture and volatile in the operation. In case of no changing the heat transfer medium, can be covered -90 to 300℃ temperature control range.

Product structure design
◎The design of full closed pipeline, adopt high efficiency plate heat exchanger, reducing the demand for heat conduction fluid while providing the system's heat utilization rate, to achieve temperature rapid rise and fall
◎The whole liquid circulation is a closed system, there is no water vapor absorption at low temperature, no oil mist generated at high temperature
◎With 2 sets of LED display controller, the temperature setting value and the actual value can be displayed simultaneously, as well as over temperature alarm value; efficient and fast, simple liquid filling
◎To ensure rapid cooling under high temperature; can achieve 300℃ to -90℃ continuous temperature control
◎The circulating pipeline is fully enclosed, no oil mist and water absorption, to ensure the safety of the experiment person and the life of the conductive fluid;
◎Refrigeration unit using the American COPELAND or France TECUMSEH compressor, high temperature magnetic drive circulation pump, stable performance, reliable quality;
◎It has the function of self-diagnosis; Refrigerator overload protection; high pressure switch, overload relay and thermal protection device etc. multiple security functions
◎High lift design to meet long distance transmission medium
◎Using a variety of environmentally friendly refrigerants to meet environmental requirements
Temp. Range ℃
-25 to 200℃
Circulating pump flow        
35 L/min
Pressure Bar        
1.5 bar

Cooling capacity


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