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LF-III series Molecular hybridization

  • LF-III

Product Description

According to the principle of nucleic acid hybridization instrument technology, the intelligent digital temperature controller, can be used as molecular hybridization, can the chain reaction enzyme as incubator. Combined with the free enzyme can establish the quantitative or semi quantitative PCR detection method. It has a good application effect in the clinical detection of gene diagnosis of viral and bacterial diseases.

The structure of the instrument adopts modularization design, novel appearance, stable temperature control, simple operation and reliable, Speed stabilization, won’t be affected by the external power supply voltage. Hybridization programmes is doing in the continuous rotation

hybrid bottle, the cell membrane and the probe completely mixed to avoid the cumbersome packaging of hybrid bag and the leak of radioactive isotope. The instrument studio has the function of radiation protection. The instrument can be equipped with a 6 hybrid tube.

Detailed Images
Temperature range:
Precision of controlling temperature(℃):
Temperature fluctuation(℃):
Temperature display resolution:
Temperature equilibrium time:
Rotating speed:
Speed adjustable continuously,
With enzyme labeled plate shock and amplitude adjustable shock
Continuous working time:
Hybrid bottle size:
Supply voltage:

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