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Short Path Molecular Distillation

  • NKDF-150

Short path molecular distillation is a new technique that address the problems that conventional distillation techniques cannot solve . It can achieve liquid to liquid separation at very low vacuum degree according to the mean free path difference of molecular motion under the temperature of much lower than the liquid boiling point . Mainly the use of wiped system forcing liquid film evaporation or distillation of a highly efficient evaporation, distillation equipment , deodorization , degassing reaction and supporting heating , cooling and other unit operations , can be widely used in food , fine chemicals , electronic materials , plastic engineering and polymer purification , etc . The system also can be used to recover organic solvents from industrial effluents , especially for high boiling point , heat-sensitive , easily oxidized material separation and purification .

Product Advantages & Features 

1. Operating temperature is far below the boiling point of the material . It has a big advantage in handling the thermal material , bio-acid fat , high boiling point and the materials which is not easy to steam out . 

2. Heating time is extremely short , ordinary distillation need to take few hours in the process, but our short path distillation only need few minutes . 

3. Low carbon dioxide , environmentally friendly and good for maintaining the material activity. 

4. Belong to the physical separation process , can keep the natural state of the material from pollution . 

5. Widely used in high value-added materials deodorzation , bleaching , purification and separation . 

Product Applications

Our short path molecular distillations are widely used in food, fine chemicals , Electronic materials, plastic engineering and polymer (such as polyols, fatty acids, polyphenols, polyurethanes, epoxy resins, milk fat, GMS, flavors and fragrances, heavy oil and paraffin oil) purification and so on. The system can also be used to recover organic solvents from industrial effluents. Especially suitable for high boiling point, heat-sensitive, easily oxidized material separation and purification.

Product Parameters

Product modelevaporation tube specifications Φ (mm)Evaporation tube heat transfer area(㎡)Built-in cooling area (㎡)Constant pressure feeding bottle( L)Sample throughput (L/H)Motor powermotor speed


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