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UV crosslinker

  • UV07-II

Product Description

UV crosslinking instrument (UV07-II)is a versatile 254nm UV radiation system, mainly used for DNA cross-linking on the membrane. It can also be used to cut DNA in agarose gel, to select RecA mutation, partly digest thymine dimmer by restriction endonucleases, to eliminate the PCR contamination by means of UV sterilization. And it is also used in the fields such as UV sterilization and disposal of polymer.

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※In order to make the nucleotide fixed in the hybrid membrane, the traditional way is the film is placed at 80 DEG C in vacuum oven drying for 2 hours, but it only need a few seconds to under 254nm UV light irradiation when you use the UV crosslinking apparatus.
※UV irradiation can make the hybridization signals increased by 5 to 10 times than the traditional baking method.
※uV crosslinking instrument equipped with a UV energy program design system, The time integral instrument will be continuous monitoring of UV irradiation, when the energy absorption value reaches the set value, the irradiation will automatically stop. So whether the UV light is strong or weak, whether the time difference, the irradiation cycle all has good repeatability.
※The information is not lost after the shutdown; Chinese LCD screen display information
※Touchable keyboard; UV shielding windows.
※Stainless steel UV exposure room.

Technical parameters:

UV wavelength:
254mm (Can match the 365nmor 312nm light tube according to the customer request,)
The measuring range of the exposure time:
0-999.9 minutes
The measuring range of exposure energy:
0-999.9 joules
UV source:
10W light tube×5
External dimension:
Exposure room dimension:
9 exposure energy, time can be set and can be saved
UV exposure energy; Time can be set manually


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