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XC07-II Laboratory paddle blenders Homogenizer

  • XC-07II

Product Description

Homogenizer is used to different substances were homogeneous, to obtain a representative sample of the substance. The device is simple and durable, only need to put sample and diluted into the sterile filter sample bag, and then put the sample bag into the homogenizer, finally shut the door to start to finish processing the sample. The device can effectively isolate the microbial samples in the internal and the surface of solid samples, to ensure that all the samples mixed in aseptic bags are fully representative.

Application field:

Food microbiological analysis; homogenized animal tissue, biological samples, cosmetics; meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, biscuits; drug microbiological analysis.


1.Large LCD screen display
2.Can store 10 sets of working procedure (multi segment programming: can set up arbitrary parameters)
3.The homogenization time can be adjusted
4.Homogeneous speed can be adjusted or set to a fixed speed
5.The flapper can adjust the distance before and after
6.Disposable sterile bag can ensure hygiene and safety
7.The full open type door, easy to clean (with automatic stop, anti pinch function)
8.Removable window, Can adjust the flapping plate and toughened glass security door, Transparent glass window for observation.
9.The sample and homogenizer without contact; If there is no sample leakage, it is not necessary to carry out system cleaning
10.Homogeneous soft start, no pollution, no damage to sample, not warming up, don’t need to be sterilized, do not need to wash the utensils
11.Slap box: stainless steel

Effective volume:
Timer Range:
Variable speed:
3 to 12 times extrusion per second
Slap spacing:
The whole power:
Power Requirments:
Aseptic homogeneous bag:
Outline dimensions:

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