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cooler cooling circulator

  • DL-5080

Product Description

Only need to connect the equipment with the liquid inlet and outlet of reactor device, from the top of the equipment liquid inlet add in the heat transfer medium, turn on add liquid button can easily remove the air in the system, set the temperature requirements, the system can run automatically. The heat transfer medium in a closed system, with expansion container, the liquid in the expansion container not participate in the circulation, either high or low temperature, expansion tank temperature is from room temperature to 50 ℃, can reduce the risk of heat absorption of moisture and volatile in the operation. In case of no changing the heat transfer medium, can be covered -90 to 300℃ temperature control range. 

 Product detail
Product model
Temperature range
Cooling capacity
Circulating pump flow
Power supply
AC 380V/50Hz

Product structure design

* Cycle Cooling medium: HTF, industrial alcohol or water-glycol mixture is circulated against the refrigeration, conservation of resources; tight loop piping design, prevent water pollution cycle, extending the cycle time of the use of water
* Multiple safety protection, more reliable
* Imported compressor, cold cascade refrigeration technology
* Using cold technology to ensure the stability of low temperatures
* It can be set to turn on the compressor and turn off the compressor temperature difference
* Ambient temperature detection function to prevent the system operating environment temperature is too high
* A variety of fault alarm (over-temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheating alarm, level alarm)
* A fully enclosed design, low temperature process without running water, to ensure the purity of the cold heat transfer medium, to prevent ice crystals, providing thermal fluid life;
* High-performance circulating pump, can ensure continuous operation 24 hours a day
* Using cold plate heat exchanger to provide heat transfer efficiency


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