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high quality explosion proof recirculating Chiller Laboratory Ethanol Cryogenic Chiller for sale

  • LDJ-30
Product Description
*Circulating refrigerant: Synthetic heat transfer oil, industrial alcohol or water-glycol mixture for circulating refrigeration, saving resources; strict circulation pipeline design to prevent circulating water pollution and prolong the use of circulating water;
*Multiple security protections for more reliable operation;
*Original imported compressor, stacked supercooled refrigeration technology;
*Using subcooling technology to ensure the stability of temperature at low temperatures;
*The temperature difference between turning on the compressor and turning off the compressor can be set;
*Ambient temperature monitoring function to prevent the system operating environment temperature from being too high;
*Multiple fault alarms (over temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheat alarm, liquid level alarm);
*It adopts full-closed design, no water absorption during low-temperature operation, ensuring the purity of cold and heat-conducting medium, preventing ice crystals and prolonging the service life of refrigerant;
*High-performance circulating pump that guarantees continuous operation for 24 hours a day;
*High efficiency plate type cold heat exchanger for heat exchange efficiency;
Product Parameter

Product model


Temperature range


Temperature control and dispay

PLC fuzzy PID   adaptive controller and 10.2" touch LCD display

Temperature control model

Cooling medium outlet temperature control

Temperature feedback

Built-in cooling medium PT100 feedback

Cooling capacity





Circulation pump flow/ pressure


Storage tank volume



Kaori plate heat   exchanger; Danfoss solenoid valve and drying filter

Refrigeration compressor

3OPH German Bizer refrigeration compressor.


Shell and tube   water-cooled condenser

Compressor cooling

Water cooling (cooling water 30°);

influent flow and pressure 25M³/H;1.5-4bar

Operation panel

Touch button settings, 10.2" touch LCD display

Safety protection

Refrigerator thermal overload protection, high pressure pressure switch   protector, current overload relay, low liquid level protection and other   safety protection functions

Electric control   component

Siemens;   Schneider; Omron and other famous brands

Environmentally friendly refrigerants


Specification for refrigerant inlet


Specification for refrigerant outlet


Power   supply voltage and power

3 phase, AC480V/60Hz/45KW



Shell material

Cold rolled sheet spray

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