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laboratory using thermostatic water bath -5~100 degree

  • SDC-6

Product Description

1. Air-cooled closed imported compressor refrigeration, cooling speed, low noise. Refrigeration system with overheat and overcurrent protective devices.

2. It have circulating pump, can be established second constant temperature field. Cold liquid can be cited outside the tank, cooling the experimental contain outside the bath
3. The machine adopts microcomputer intelligent temperature control system with self-tuning intelligent PID automatic control function. Touch soft keys can quickly set the temperature, easy to operation.
4. The LED data window above shows the temperature measurement value; The LED data window below shows the temperature setting value.
5. Intelligent computer can correct deviation of the temperature measurement, digital display resolution reaches 0.01℃~0.1℃

Temperature range
Temperature fluctuation
Volume of working tank
Circulating pump flow
6 L/min
Drain valve
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